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No More Standard Earphone Jack? Let QCY Re-imagine the Way of Playback

2017-07-12 16:38:06.0

Following iPhone 7’s cancellation of 3.55mm earphone jack, increasingly cellphone manufacturers are trying to do that as a way to make phones slimmer. This act leaves users only two choices, keep using wire earphones but buy one more dongle or update your audio equipment - it’s time to buy a pair of Bluetooth earphones. The thing is Bluetooth technology is mature now. With APTX lossless codecs, wireless audio device can also deliver quality hifi music as what cable one can provide you.

QCY’s culture is young and positive. That’s what QY31 intends to offer as well. Trendy and young as it is, the color scheme of package has been converted from black to white, pure and fresh when I see it at first.

In this hot summer, you need a lightweight and portable audio device. Mono earpiece is 6.5g only. In workouts, I can’t even feel them when equipped. As stereo Bluetooth earphones, QY31 is small in size while light in weight, these two pros make it better than others.

Ownership of wireless earphones is increasing at this point, not only because the wireless things free us in sports, but add something new to sonic performance of cellphone. This emerging QY31 is such a device supporting APTX lossless codecs which ensures the new product to offer lossless playback. Specific curve in housing fits people’s ears very well. The surface of shelll is not so soft, yet still very comfortable.

Diverse types of craftsmanship have been applied in front and rear. Skin-friendly shell is within matting finish in the front while rear is in piano baking varnish. Thanks to IPX4, now you don’t need to worry about sweats and splash in workout.

Three tiny buttons have been set on right earpiece, key functions including vol +/-, skip track forward/backward, play/pause/answer/end are all enjoyed in such a small thing. USB charging port has been arranged on the side of earpiece. USB ports of three buttons together with USB charging port are all integrated in one circuit board while the whole weight is less than 15g, I have to say the manufacturing power of QCY is remarkable!!

There are three pairs of EarTips, yet it’s a little bit of difficult to dismount them due to anti-shedding design. Owing to dynamic unit, there is a little compromise to the size and that’s why you will find a tiny bump on the shell. I think it’s time for QCY to think about armature unit to reduce its size further.

Not like before, you don’t want to use Bluetooth earphones except for calling. Thanks to advanced technology, Bluetooth earphones deliver better acoustic performance. HIFI and deep noise canceling,now, can also be used for QCY Bluetooth items. Your ears deserves something nice and QCY provides indeed. Listening to decent lossless music even in workout is not a miracle any more, nowadays.

I do have a wide range of tastes comprising soft music, Blues, popular and rock. However, I found that QY31 works with them pretty good. Highs is extended well but not too fatiguing. Mids is soft and clear. Bass is fairly deep and dynamic, which makes me feel energy.Certainly not bad for the price but this is an area which more expensive in ear monitors tend to do better than their cheaper counterparts.

Pros: Budget Bluetooth sports earphones, works well in three frequencies with sweat&splash proof, I suggest it for those sporty users who are picky on sound.

Cons: No carrying pouch, Earhooks are easily broken when putted in bag directly.