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Intuitive Cord Free Design!Using Experience of QCY New Arrival Black-Tech Item Q29

2017-08-15 15:04:39.0

QCY ,coming into being in 2011, follows tech trend. The company is in a leading position of the times and devotes itself into fields such as Intelligent Home and Wireless Audio. Today I will share a new true wireless (TWS) Bluetooth earphone- QCY Q29 with all of you. On aesthetics, Q29 resembles AirPods. However,how is its performance, let’s check out how is the new arrival really works.

Not so many manufacturers produce TWS Bluetooth earphone, as such a intuitive cord-free Bluetooth earphone has technical barriers indeed. Most of them still generally manufacture wired stereo Bluetooth earphone or mono Bluetooth earphone. Q29’s release bring about some sorts of innovation for China’s Bluetooth brands. As for package, Q29’s appearance can be seen directly on the painting. By the way, the device has four different color versions that is white, black, green, and blue.

Well, now it’s time to check contents in the box. MicroUSB cable, three pairs of Eartips(one pair of them has be settled on the earphone), manual and some other maintenance documents. Ah,wait, there is some thing else in the box...It is another box and more precisely, it is a on-the-go packaging box within charging facility. I have to say this charging box is really smart and it is a surprise for me.

This small box not just helps you hold your earphone during daily life, but also as a power bank charges for Q29. Regarding to QCY itself, the box can offer 12 extra working hours to the earphone, which means, together with earphone inside battery, the box can insure daily using time. It, in this sense, saves your time to look for place charging.

Once put the earphone into the box, LED will be solid white(means charging now) and turn off when the device is fully charged. Q29’s battery life is up to 3 hours while standby time is about 30 hours.

QCY Q29 is a pretty small earphone with a body size of 17*25*29mm. Accordingly, it doesn’t weigh too much, which delivers more comfortable wearing experience even for long time wearing. Its housing is made from of PC material with matte finish and piano varnish. In top of the box, there is a semi-transparent cover within bow shape. When earbuds are put inside, you may tap the cover to enter pairing mode or switch on/off the earphone directly. Its overall housing is metallic with exquisite craft. Considering it is only around 30USD, I think it’s cost effective.

As I referred above, three pairs of EarTips(one pair of them has been arranged on the earphone) are in the package box and you may choose them by yourself. What’s more, since its intuitive cord-free design, two earbuds are connected via wireless chips. Q29 gives up wire between two earbuds which is applied commonly.

Pick up the earphone and I find two metal contacts which are for charging. When those two contacts touch the paired contacts on charging box, Q29 starts to be charged.

Connection process is not complicated. Just follow a few steps on user’s manual and two earbuds can be paired. During the pairing process, LED will indicate different statuses. So I don’t think pairing process is a big trouble for all of you.

Until now, I don’t talk anything on its calling facility. However, if a Bluetooth earphone is unable to talk, why I am supposed to buy it? Of course, QCY Q29 is within this facility exactly. According to the above picture, I believe all of you can see Mic clearly. Bingo! The mic is at the bottom of the device. According to my test, talking experience is also pretty good due to DSP noise canceling and in-ear design. According to official parameters, its Bluetooth range is around 5 - 10m. Per my test, this figure is only available for situation of no obstacle in the way between Q29 and device.

And as for sound quality, I have to say, Q29 is not a item design for enjoying music. More precisely, I think that QCY wants it to be a light-sport or office earphone, however, which does not mean that you can not listen music with it.

In closing, allow me to share some wearing and operation experience. Per wearing, I think most in-ear devices will press your ear canals more or less for a long term wearing, so weighing eartips choice is essential. And as for operation, button is big and outside of the earbud so it is not hard to press.What’s more, every operation process will be with voice prompt accordingly. Once paired, hold MFB, you can also activate voice assistant on cellphone so as to dial calls via QCY Q29.


QCY Q29 as a item pricing at around 30USD is not bad according to these days using experience. Considering it is an intuitive cord-free earphone, Q29 works pretty well. Still, there is one defect that is no supporting intense exercise, but for some light sports I don’t find any problem when using it until now. In this sense, I suggest that QCY should release special edition for office using or sports, because few people will use Bluetooth earphone for music. However, Q29 as a stereo earphone is much better than those mono ones. If you are considering to buy a Bluetooth earphone, Q29 should be one of your best choices.